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Ordering Information

All orders are pre-paid without exception.
Orders are shipped right after the money order clears or the money is in the escrow account.


How to Order Parts:

I accept orders in three ways:

  1. Face to face, you ask for the part and give me the money.
  2. You send me an e-mail, I collect your contact information and then I tell you how to send the money.
  3. You call me by phone and I collect your contact information and then I tell you how to send the money.

How NOT to Order Parts:

  1. I DO NOT accept orders from Personal Messages on either of the two AMC FORUMS. 
    The reason for this is because I only have intermittent access to one of the two sites and no access to the other.
  2. There have been several occasions where people have tried to order parts and send money without telling me who they are.
    Usernames do not constitute contact information.

Getting to the Front of the Line

Here is what to do:

  • Send me your Contact Information.
  • I will put your name on the list... First Come, First Served.
  • When the time comes to get started, I will call or email you to send your money in the order of contact.
  • You will have set aside your money so you don't loose your place in the line waiting to save up more.
  • Your project will advance based on when your cheque (CDN) or US International Postal Money Order clears my bank.
  • If it is a time, I will refer back to the list to see who contacted me first.

Turn Around Time:

Turnaround time is dictated by the time of year. Summers are the worst and it takes a long time to get parts unless the order is a large one.

In off peak times, turnaround time is usually about a week. 

Time it takes can also be affected by whether or not I have a sample of the part needed. It can take months to find the correct part. So if you need parts, the best thing is to order them as you discover you need them.

Contact Information:

E-mail me at:


or call:

  • +1.613.392.8973
    (Trenton, Ontario)

Our complete contact Information including a Contact Form are available on our Contact Us page.

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