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Terms, Conditions and Warranty

  1. There is no warranty of any sort attached to the parts I supply. 
  2.  If the part is defective, you call me and tell me what is wrong. Photos and or a video required. If the part is genuinely defective, it will be replaced when I get the defective part back. As you can imagine, I don't want a bunch of parts in my backyard that don't fit so extreme care is taken to ensure your part is correct as stated. 
  3. All orders are cash up front. Prices are in USD. 
  4. Canadian customers can pay with cheques, cash and E-transfer. Those orders by cheque are shipped after the cheque clears. 
  5. US customers can pay by PayPal or US POSTAL MONEY ORDER. There is a $700 limit on those so it might take more than one.
  6. US bank cheques take up to six months to clear in Canada so I can not accept them..
  7. I insure all orders. 
  8. We are not responsible for you or your body man screwing up your part(s).
  9. If you screw up your part(s) you will have to replace them at your cost.

The Bottom Line

If this site and this business is to survive and fulfill what I think we all want it to do, I need orders. Waiting until next summer might seem convenient but if there is no cash flow, there will be no next summer and no car parts many of you desperately need. Just like any business, start-ups are always a fragile time and luck has a lot to do with success. Unlike the Rebel Machine Stripe business which could only operate on a bi-annual basis, there are way more people and thus overhead involved in this venture even though the shop is smaller. It's also an incredibly primitive business in some ways because every piece is hand formed. The skill required is almost non-existent in the general workforce. The equipment is the same equipment I worked on when I was 19 in 1969 and it was old then.


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