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Engine and Trunk Paint

AMC ENGINE PAINT 1967 - 1972

There is also no such thing as high heat engine paint that is not white, black or silver.

The correct paint for engines manufactured from 1967 to 1972 is engine blue which decodes to CARAVELLE BLUE

The engine paint information is on page Ge - 15 of the 1967 - 1972 AMERICAN MOTORS PARTS BOOK a quarter of the way down the page  under Miscellaneous Paints.

The Ditzler Number ……. DQE13730

AMC engine paints for all years were the same paint colour and formula that went on the car bodies.

Larry Mitchell started a rumour that AMC also used another blue for these engines. That apparently happened for one day - the one and only day he worked at AMC in the paint shop and that day was not in 1970. It was in 1969.

So Alamosa Blue is never the correct colour on a 1970 model AMC of any description.

When I questioned Larry about it he confessed to being sorry he ever mentioned it and admitted he was a “total asshole about it”. His words. He used them frequently when describing himself and he certainly earned the title for being the direct and only reason for thousands of AMC engines being painted and still being painted the WRONG COLOUR: Alamosa Blue.

It is also true that AMC was still using up pails of gold paint on early 1967 engines. However that is completely irrelevant if you are building an AMX, Javelin, Rebel Machine or Matador Machine.

After 1972, the engine colour is Sea Foam Aqua which is a dark turquoise.


AMC Engine bays were painted the same colour as the body.

It's important though to remember that hood closure support is painted trim black where it's visible behind the grille as are all other bolt on sheet metal components such as other grille parts, battery tray, rad and shock tower housings and the heater controls body but not the faceplate.

The brake fluid reservoir was bare metal and ended up coated in rust in most cases because paint cannot stand up to spilt brake fluid.


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The trunk interior had a distinctive spatter finish that was a new paint development back in the day that did not migrate to architectural painting for another 35 years. Automotive finishes pioneered all paint fashions and still do.

Trunk Spatter Finish (Ditzler) ……. DX1768
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