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Paint Scheme Formats

The most common questions I receive about Rebel Machines has to do with the 25A paint scheme. There really isn't any documentation that really explains in detail what a painter needs to know before starting to paint a Machine whether it's a 25A car or a solid colour car. Anticipating that years ago I used my #3 Machine as a template. Hope this helps.


25A and Solid Colour Machines

Front End Locations for "THE MACHINE" Logo

These are the critical dimensions i used to locate my logos on both front fenders.

It's not possible to get them exact from car to car because that would take a template and require practically  everyone to remove their logos and put new ones on. That ain't gonna happen and besides that at the factory they were all applied by hand using a template we don't have.

Trunk Lid Logo

The logo for 'THE MACHINE' should be 3/16 of an inch above the bottom edge of the trunk lid and 1 1/2 inches from the right (passenger's) side of the trunk edge as shown in this picture.

Chevron Stripes at Trunk Opening

The stripes wrap the fender and are trimmed along the bottom of the fold for the trunk lip as shown.

The stripes do not continue to the rubber trunk seal

Seal of Authenticity

The red seal is something I developed for the last run just before I moved. I didn't want to do the run because of the move and the confusion it would cause. It definitely did that. Not the seal, the move. Altogether moving my stuff from one house to another took four years.

The idea of the seal is to have a way of identifying which cars have my stripes on them because some people have been claiming their cars have my stripes on then when they haven't. The seal with the VIN hand written on it by me and complete with my signature still seems like a good idea. The problem though is that during the move and part way through shipping the last run, the seals disappeared. So in the 2017 run, if it goes this year I'll make up a new batch of seals and send them out to every verified owner/car I can locate right back to the beginning.

The Electric Blue Lower Body Band

Use the Following Images and Dimensions to Paint Your Machine Properly

The Red, White and Blue Paint Scheme is identified on the metal tag riveted to the bottom door surface as 25A. This number does not appear in any AMC documentation. They must have forgotten to put it in. Likewise there are no painting instructions to help anyone repaint an entire car. In those days it was unthinkable that a hobbyist would attempt to paint a car like this in their garage.

The entire body of the car is painted Frost White first. the blue band and the trunk lid are painted over top of the white. Solid colour cars are painted that colour all over except for the flat black portion of the hood and cowl grille between the creases. There the hood is painted P8 or flat black without any colour behind it.

The Electric Blue Band is not parallel to the ground, The top edge follows the angle of the bottom of the fender. The width of the band at this point is 6 1/2".

The band starts on the front flange of the fender under the front bumper and continues to the wheel well opening and wraps around that. At the bottom the blue continues to the edge and then stops.
The Electric Blue Band top edge follows the lower body crease or brake line. (In this case brake means the machine used to make a shallow fold in the sheet metal - a feature used for styling and structural strength for the panel).

Down the length of the car the top edge of the blue band follows the lower body crease from the front wheel well to the front of the rear wheel well the top of the band to the bottom measures 8 1/2".

This is a deceptive measurement because the front fender has a return along the bottom of the car as does the rocker and the rear quarter. The blue extends to the pinch weld seam and no further.
The paint band wraps into the wheel wells front and back. AT the door the paint continues up over the top of the rocker panels and into the door post by about 1/2 to 3/4". It also wraps the door skin but not the carcasses of the doors. They remain white.
The tail end of the rear quarters again follows the lower crease where the top of the blue band ends at the lower point of the rear bumper.

The blue extends down to the lower edge of the rear quarter and extends into the return at the wheel well.

The rear valance is spot welded at each end to the left and right rear quarters and the seam remains visible. The entire exterior surface of the rear valence is painted Electric Blue and the rear fascia of the trunk above it is Frost White.
This is what the blue band looks like behind the bumper with the exception of the lateral frame rail at the bottom. This car was repainted once and the paint scheme duplicated. I don't have a shot of an original Machine in this state of undress from this angle. This appears accurate to me. Any comments would be appreciated.

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