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The Machine - Specs

Announcement from American Motors about THE MACHINE

A new Rebel model called “The Machine” will be introduced at announcement time 1970. This model will be American Motors’ entry into the rapidly expanding muscle car segment, expected to be over 400,000 units during 1969. It will compete with such models as Road Runner, Cobra, GTO and SS 396.
Our goals in introducing “The Machine” are threefold …
  1. Help position the Rebel as an intermediate-sized car through a hot performance model rub-off.
  2. Improve the company’s image among young people - - the principle market for this model and for intermediate sized cars.
  3. Obtain a share of an over 400,000 unit muscle car segment.
“The Machine” offers, at no extra cost, a full array of performance equipment including a special 340 HP version of the 390 CID engine, ram air, hood scoop mounted tachometer, bucket seats, disc brakes, big tires and styled wheels, plus many other standard items.
The first 1,000 “Machines” produced will be identical. They will be painted white and blue and have red white and blue reflective tape stripes. The purpose of these special models is to separate the Machine from the rest of the muscle car field by giving it a very distinctive identity which will be easily recognized.

“The Machine” Specs Starting with Rebel Base – Line Hardtop, #7019-0

(production scheduled to begin in early October, 1969)

Exterior Trim:

  • Any of 14 Rebel Exterior Body Colors.
  • “Shadow” Black Flat-Tone Paint (P-8) on Hood Scoop, Hood & Fresh-Air Panel(between crease lines).
  • Silver Tape Stripes on each side of hood (between crease lines and in center).
  • Silver Paint Accent on hood scoop (plus silver tape stripe over the center).
  • “The Machine” Decal on both front fenders & on right side of trunk lid.
  • Rebel “Venturi” Grille (’68 theme) with rear section flat black.
  • Delete bright trim around headlight bezels.
  • Add Side-Window/Base Mouldings (normally standard on SST).
  • Delete Paint Stripe (normally standard on Base – Line).
  • Delete REBEL & 390 Emblems from front fenders (normally standard).

Interior Trim:

  • SST Hardtop Bucket Seats in “Ventilair” Vinyl & Matching Rear Seats, less center cushion & fold down armrest. (Black, Blue or Brown).
  • Base – Line Door- & Rear-Side Panels.
  • SST Carpeting.
  • Base – Line Instrument Panel, except for addition of Glove Box Lock.
  • “The Machine” Decal on Glove-Box Door.
  • Javelin Base – Line Steering Wheel (with Red/White/Blue “Bulls Eye “)


  • Special “Machine” 390 CID Engine (Adv. Rating 340 HP/430 Torque) includes:
  • Modified Intake Manifold
  • Modified Exhaust Manifolds (less heat valve).

Transmission & Rear Axle Ratio:

  • 4-Speed Floor Shift with Hurst Linkage & AM Black Knob (as on Javelin/AMX).
  • 3.54:1 Standard Rear Axle Ratio for 4-Speed.

Engine & Chassis Details:

  • Functional Ram-Air Hood Scoop with Vacuum-Actuated Flapper Valve.
  • Hood Scoop Mounted Tachometer (lighted, 0-8,000 rpm).
  • Heavy Duty Engine Cooling System.
  • Dual-Exhaust System (special low back pressure mufflers and larger exhaust pipes).
  • Power Disc Brakes (front).
  • Handling Package (H-D springs & shocks, plus H-D wagon rear springs).
  • Rear Sway Bar (new feature).
  • Four E60x15 Tires (with raised white letters).
  • Four, 15”x7” Mag-Styled Wheels, Silver Paint plus Stainless-Steel Trim Rings,
  • Includes “Space Saver” Spare Tire (on regular 14” Orange-painted wheel).
  • Dual Horns.

Extra – Cost Options:

  • Special Red/White/Blue Color & Trim Theme for the 1st 1,000 Production Cars…
  • same as regular “Machine” except as follows:
  • 1970 Frost White (P72) for Main Exterior Color (no roof two tones or vinyl roof).
  • 1971 Electric Blue (B6) for Hood Scoop, Hood & Fresh-Air Panel (between the crease lines), plus on Lower Side & Rear Body Panels.
  • Red/White/Blue Decal on  lower flat surface of grille.
  • Bright Red Belt-Line Spear Stripe, Reflective Decal.
  • Red/White/Blue “Chevron” Stripes, Reflective Decal (across trunk to fenders, joining side spear).
  • Black “Ventilair” Vinyl Interior Trim Only.
  • Shift-Command Transmission with Console Shift & Fold Down Armrest.
  • 3.15:1 Optional Rear Axle Ratio for Shift-Command (3.54:1 is standard).
  • 3.91:1 Optional Rear Axle Ratio for 4-speed (3.54:1 is standard).
  • Twin Grip Differential (recommended; mandatory option with 3.91:1 axle ratio).
  • Power Steering.
  • AM or AM/FM Radio (less or with rear speaker).
  • Air-Conditioning (also A/C Package) or Command-Air Systems.
  • Vinyl Roof, Black, White or Blue for regular “Machine” (not for Red/White/Blue “Machine”.
  • Plus other Rebel options not in conflict with the “Machine” package (no roof two tones).

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