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Group 19 V Code Service Package

In the glove box of every brand new Rebel Machine sold was a booklet about the Rebel Machine describing its various features and adding another dimension of fun to the car. On the back page of the of the booklet was an entire page of specifications for the car. That page is reproduced below for reference.

This little booklet may have  been unique in all muscle-cardom. What made it unique was the optional dealer installed optional Service Package that included a performance camshaft, a 959 or 850 Holley, distributor, all the valve train components and Doug Thorley Headers for a fairly simple top end upgrade that would net out at 472 horsepower. All of that installed cost an extra $500 USD at the time.

Click on the image below to download it as a printable PDF
(Warning: PDF is approx 17 meg)

Click on the image below to download it as a printable PDF


Factory Warranty

The Service Package was known as the V Code dealer installed option. The only place it has ever been found in corporate print is in the middle of the back page of the Rebel Machine booklet.

The valve train parts and cylinder head blueprinting could not be factory installed because there was no room to do the work.

American Motors stated elsewhere in its literature that it would not warranty performance upgrades. In practice however, I have never heard of a denied warranty claim of any sort by AMC other than for abuse of the valve train. Valve jobs were simply not covered in any way shape or form on a performance model.

AMC publicly stated that their dealers' service bays were extensions of the factory floor due to lack of real estate in the Kenosha factory. Service Package equipped Machines, AMXs and Javelins should have been accepted as Pure Stock the same as any other manufacturer's optioned muscle cars. The race tracks didn't buy it though in what can only be called a case of cutting your nose off to spite your face. AMC’s performance models were some of the prettiest cars that could have enhanced the glamour of race day.

The Service Package was not the only thing that wasn’t factory installed. There were many dealer installed options on AMC cars including the mirrors. We’ll get to why this is important.

V Code Optional Service Page

Rebel Machine Options for 1970

*This list of options was provided by Mickey Ziomkowski when he started the Rebel Machine Registry in 1992.  No one has ever found fault with the information posted here although in the intervening years, Mickey has forgotten where the information was pulled from originally.

  • A  Power Steering
  • B  AM Radio
  • C  AM/FM Radio
  • D  Rear Speaker
  • E  Tinted Glass
  • F  Bumper Guards
  • G  Vinyl Top
  • H  Cruise Control
  • I  Tilt Wheel
  • J  70 Amp Battery
  • K  Command Air Ventilation
  • L  Air Conditioning
  • M  Engine Block Heater
  • N  Electric Wipers
  • O  Rim Blow Steering Wheel
  • P  Electric Clock
  • Q  A/C Package (Air, Tinted Glass, Power Steering, Insulation Group
  • R  Insulation Group (Undercoating, Hood Insulation)
  • S  Convenience Group (Remote Left Mirror, Visor Vanity Mirror, Electric Clock)
  • T  Visibility Group (Convenience Group, Electric Wipers)
  • U  Light Group (Trunk Light, Courtesy Lights, Glove Box Light, Ashtray Light, Parking Brake Light, Light on Warning Buzzer, Low Fuel Warning Light)
  • V  Dealer Performance Package (850 Holley, Mallory Duel Point, Cam, Doug Thorley Headers, Axel Ratios up to 5.00/1
  • W  Cold Start Package (70 Amp  Battery, 55 Amp Alternator)
  • X  California Emissions
  • Y  Group 19


Group 19 Decal Package

I'm developing a long, long overdue decal kit for Group 19 Service Package optioned Machines. Above are the first two. The images are faithful to the illustration on the Jo-han plastic model kit as closely as possible.

There never was a Group 19 decal but there should have been.

Other elements on the way are the flag logo, the AMERICAN MOTORS text, the ENGINEER by AMC/HURST decal and a MODE III decal.

Note: Images are not to same scale.


The other exciting one is what is being developed to fit on sets of finned aluminum valve covers. The trick is to get them to work with our spark plug wire looms that fit over the L tabs on the valve covers. If that doesn't work I'll have to think of something else. All this is being done between tons of other stuff I'm working on too.

"The Machine" decal is not a reflective one, this is to fit on trailers along with the AMC flag and lettering.

So lots going on and lots to look forward to. It's great to be a Rebel Machine owner and pretty soon will be even better.

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