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Newell Stripe Kit Photo Gallery

Send me a shot of your Machine wearing a set of my stripes and I will post it here!

Bruce Smith's Rebel Machine with AMC Factory Stripes
Ernie McCain's Rebel Machine
Tom Guarr's Rebel Machine 
won Hemmings Muscle Machine
of the Year Award for 2014
wearing a set of Newell Stripes.
Congratulations Tom

When I showed Rebel Machine designer Vince Geraci my Matador Red Machine his response was "WOW!".

Then I asked him why AMC didn't offer Machines with the stripe kits on them. "We didn't think of it," he said.

The stripes were always there as an accessory just like the passenger side mirror.

The cars are still considered stock with the mirrors in place so they are still stock with the graphics package.

John Newell's Rebel Machine

Rebel Machines: Nose to Nose

Kyriakos Demetriou (left)
John Newell (right)

Extreme Weather Tested

No one but no one has put their stripe kits
through the brutal testing I have.


Bruce Smith's Rebel Machine

Stripes on ANY COLOUR of Machine Makes Sense

Adding the stripes is a great idea, but don't forget to install the 1/4" stripe along the bottom to complete the look. Visually the 1/4" silver keyline stripes reduce the bulk of the bottom half of the car. That subtle thin stripe makes all the difference.

Yes I sell the logos and the silver stripes
separately for $15.00 USD
Stephen Brueggeman's Machine

He was the first customer to install a set of John Newell's stripes.


Use Your Imagination!

Rebel Machine Stripe kits are available in Custom Colours!

Tell us what colour your car is and what colours you want the stripes to be and we can make a custom set of stripes for your Rebel Machine to make it stand out in the crowd!


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