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Newell Strip Kit Installation and Video

Your Stripe Kit will include:

  • Left and Right fender, door and rear quarter stripes;
  • Chevron stripes that go across the trunk lid;
  • Three colour grille stripe
  •  Four THE MACHINE logos
  • 1/4" wide silver key line stripe - 55' long
  • detailed installation instructions


  • Newell's Red Streak stripe kits are made as follows for ease of installation:
  • The key-line black outline is screened on, it's not in separate pieces;
  • The chevron stripes across the trunk lid is one panel; 
  • The rear quarter stripes include the beige and blue stripes in the same panel;
  • the grille stripe is one piece, not three; 
  • all of the graphics components are reflective except for the black outlines and the silver key line tape.

Body Moldings for 1970 AMC Rebel Machine


with thanks to Chris Pomykala who made it.


The Authentication Decal

This decal is your assurance that the Machine wearing it on the driver's door post is wearing a set of the only authentic Rebel Machine Red Streak stripes issued since AMERICAN MOTORS made them in 1969.

Original Equipment Red Streak Stripe kits were made in 1969 in one run only by 3M for AMC using a set of metal dies. The process used to make them was silk screening. There is one complete set of NOS stripes left uninstalled and one partial set belonging to Pat Wnek that he has lent me for comparison purposes. 

Neither set is capable of being installed on a car due age. They have become too brittle.

By the late 70s AMC had run out of first run sets. That was the end of them.

There are no first run sets left capable of being applied to a car.

In the early 80s there was enough demand to re-run the stripe kits. By then the original artwork was lost as were the metal dies. The reproductions were substantially different from the first run and did not fit the cars properly. The centre deck stripe was also a different colour. There were other changes from original as well. This was a short run and apparently only one set from this run exists today installed and I have it.

Other people and companies have attempted to make the stripe kits since then but they can't produce accurate copies because the samples they use all have built-in mistakes or they don't have the technology to make them properly. Making them properly is expensive. There are no technological short-cuts and without the dies the actual shape is always wrong. When 3M made the kits originally, they used the dies to establish the shapes. What they aren't telling people is that they no longer have the dies from which to make their stripes. So their kits are out of proportion. I have the dies.

Phoenix Graphics doesn't own the technology to make the stripes properly. I have no idea why they keep making them and telling their customers their kits are accurate. (See the testimonial on the home page if you missed it.)

Other companies are selling kits and their kits make little effort to maintain originality and miss by a wide margin.

That's why my sets come with the authentication decal. If your car has my kit on it but no decal, contact me. If it can be verified via documentation that your kit was produced by me I will issue an authentication decal free of charge.


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